Adriii and the Ring ofDragons

Dragon Energy Channeler

Ever since I can recall, my mind's eye has been fixated on a mesmerizing golden ring that never seems to sit still.

In one dreamy episode, I found myself hatching a dragon egg - talk about surreal!

Then, as if on cue, a mysterious voice whispered, "School of Dragons," jolting me awake the following week.

Fast forward to the next month, and I was tapping into the fierce power of dragons through that very same golden ring.

And just like that, a year down the line, I was being summoned to command the elements like a seasoned pro!



My feelings on


I'm completely obsessed with dragons! For me, these majestic creatures are like mystical guides, unveiling a universe of endless possibilities. They whisk us away into a cosmic dance, connecting us to the grand tapestry of existence!

Their energy? Totally earth-shattering. Dragons have this magical ability to realign us in a flash, igniting a fire in our hearts that lights up our souls. 🐉💫




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I am coming

You are welcome to come and join to this evolutionary energy with amazing dragon channelers.

i will be bringing teachings from the dragons at this great event as a pre recorded speaker.

here some of the messages that have been gathered at the space of consciousness from School of Dragons since 2021



Avalon, my friend

Get in touch for channeling sessions, whether written or spoken, and for in-residence energy refinement from one up to three days.

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